Why Choose Us?

SASCON was started in 2006 and has grown into a highly successful international concern.  We have been responsible for some of the largest ICT and security installations in Africa.

Our proven track record has granted us preferred supplier status with the Mantis Group – a family run collection of award winning, privately owned 5-star international properties. SASCON’s global presence is further solidified through our network of over xx businesses around the world.

Through transparent partnering with industry leading specialists we keep up with international standards of practice and deploy the latest in innovative technology in a cost effective manner.

We are quick to change and flexible – which means that our designs are fully customised to your exact needs. All of our systems are modular, enabling you to select the solutions you need.

“We are fully committed to our clients. We go the extra mile and create real value for them. Our lasting relationships are built on trust, and the knowledge that we always have their best interests at heart” Mark Lyle

40 Years Experience

6 International Technology Partners

Our portfolio comprises leading local and international hotels in East, Central and Southern Africa.

Over 200 satisfied clients across every sector